This is currently a non profit organization.

Actually, it is not quite an official organization- yet. It will one day and it will be going somewhere. Also, that is a non-profit to add professional experience to my portfolio until graduation. Then I will be an Independent Architectural Design Contractor/Consultant after April 2017 because that is when I will be an official Architectural Designer and can build my future and official consultation/independent contractor team and firm.

When this site was put together, it came about because of a vintage, yellow couch at the DI (Deseret Industries/Thrift Store). Pathetic, I know, but to me it was the most amazing couch and I sadly couldn’t stop thinking about something I couldn’t have due to my apartment arrangements. From there I started thinking about rooms, interior design, space, construction, materials, prices, design, reuse, recycle, the minimum and yet pure luxury for what I want to live with. I wanted to learn more and develop my talents and interests to the point where I wanted to build sturdy, simple, cheap homes in 3rd world countries with basic materials either brought by tradition, local areas, or technology.

When you look through the current articles, especially near its ‘birth,’ you may think that Innovated Meadows is a “green” site. To a point, you are right, but then again, it is far from it. Green ideas are integrated into this because there is a purpose but it is not the sole purpose of what Innovated Meadows is about.

To best explain what we do, research, post, invent, and dream could be summarized into one unique term: therapeutic architecture.

The designs created are for everyone, utilizing the design goals of Universal Design, Environmental Health, LEED, WELL, Aging in Place, Cultural Diversity, ADA, etc. The built environment is not meant to be only a sculpture or a roof; it is meant to sustain, support, and aid you in all stages of your life. Whether you are an individual or a company, people matter and the environment they spend most of their life in should be one of the top priorities. If you are visiting, a client, a resident, employee, or claim any other title, it’s not always about the gadgets, sometimes the design of your space is just unhealthy to you and others by mental, physical, spiritual, environmental, psychological, or any other elemental means. 

If you have any questions, or would like clarification, please send a message.

Thank you,


Chloe=Greek "Verdant Blooming" written in Japanese






For more about Innovated Meadows:




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